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Annual Meeting Promo_2022

Keynote Speaker : Chris Price

The Team Leadership Model

Leadership Through Church Life Cycles

Roger Huizinga - Bio

The life-cycles, the ups and downs, the seasons of growth and decline! How to understand and lead a church through these natural but difficult to manage transitions. Best practices for sustaining growth and sparking revitalization

Team Leadership

Bernard Mukwavi with Guests: Garth Borthistle and Chris Price- Bio

This workshop will focus on developing a team leadership model for church leadership. It's based on the strategy that our Lord Jesus and the apostles used in leadership. For His ministry on earth Jesus developed a team that he worked with. The early church was also developed and led using a team leadership model.  We will discuss how to discover, develop, and deploy ministry team members for effective church ministries. The importance of team leadership will be emphasized.

Ministering From The Margins and Leveraging The Power of The Diaspora

Clement Tong - Bio

The early spreading of the Gospel beyond Judea, as accounted in the Book of Acts, had a lot to do with the group "Hellenists" - diasporic Jewish believers who went on to break barriers and make converts in Samaria, Antioch, and places far away from Jerusalem. This workshop examines the power of the diaspora, both in history and in the present, and discusses ways for us to appreciate this power for church ministry and growth in today's world.

Equipping and Supporting Ministry Leaders: Discipleship

Kristiina Vuorensivu - Bio

Are you wanting to lead others well? ensure you avoid burn-out ? or maybe if you assess honestly, you are in that 10% that gets credited for 90% of the work?  Then this workshop is for you. Burn out is not God’s leadership model, and over-working is no way to disciple others. I see this time and again in leaders who come to counselling weary and having lost sight of the vision and joy that once led their lives and ministries. We want to see healthy churches and leaders. Read More


Schedule of Events

Friday May 27, 2022

11:30AM              Pastors (Spouses) & Delegates Lunch

1:30PM                Ministry Celebration & Business Meeting

3:30-4:30PM        Pastors Forum

7:00-9:00PM       General Session (open to all including non-delegates)

Saturday May 28, 2022

8:30AM                Registration

9:00-9:45AM        Main Session

9:55-10:55AM      Workshop #1

11:05-12:05PM    Workshop #2

12:15-1:30PM      Lunch

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