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Improving Your Serve – February 23, 2019 8am-12:30pm

Keynote Speaker - Gretchen Teerling


He Is Able: Engaging Our Generation With The Gospel Of Christ.

Gretchen Teerling, Associate Pastor, Church on Oxford Hill, Co-founder of One touch Ministries


Choose one 3-hour workshop OR two 1.5-hour workshops

Workshop #1


An Empowered Life Through Rest In God's Design

With a core identity in the person of Jesus Christ, women can live out their giftings and callings with boldness. When He is enough, our striving and performance ceases, allowing us the freedom to live, lead and influence from a place of health.

Christa Eisbrenner, Director of BGC Women

Gretchen Teerling, Associate Pastor at Church on Oxford Hill

Workshop Length: 3 Hours

Workshop #2


Youth Ministries:

Part 1 - Navigating Mental Wellness and Substance Use with Adolescents. With Grace Bradbeer.

Part 2 - Contending for renewal in Youth Ministry

Jordan Bradbeer, Calvary Baptist Church

Workshop Length: 3 Hours

Workshop #3


The Spiritual Journey:

Understanding where people are at in their jouney and learning how to connect with them at that stage.

Many Christians ask, “Why is it so hard to talk about Jesus with my family, my friends, my neighbour, my co-worker when I care so much about them?  I feel awkward...and I’m afraid to share my faith.”

Have you ever felt like you need a fresh approach in sharing Jesus and the Gospel with those around you? Join us in this workshop for an overview of The 10 Stages of The Spiritual Journey in coming to a personal relationship with Jesus.

Vernagean Goertz and Christine Goertz Nichols

Workshop Length: 1.5 Hours

Workshop #4

Presenting Christ to Muslims

The conversation continues. How can we explain the depth of the Trinity? Pastor Ali will explain how to clearly present (1) who the Son of God is, (2) Explain Jesus humanity vs His deity and (3) will simplify the explanation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Ali Balandy

Workshop Length: 1.5 Hours

Workshop #5


Short-term Missions Trips

Many of us think that this should be done only by the select few. The reality is that this is a calling for the local church even though not all members can go. But, short missions can be one of the great blessings a local church can give and it can also be a most satisfying, rewarding venture for all its members.'

Richard Ang, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

Workshop Length: 1.5 Hours

Workshop #6


Spiritual Care for the Ageing

The Spiritual Care Seminar is a recognized standard for delivering pastoral and spiritual care to older people, whether they are family members, part of a congregation, living in the community or living in residential care settings. The future of caring for older people depends on care providers, volunteers, families and friends being able to demonstrate that they have a deep holistic understanding of the older person, including the importance of spiritual care, and are paying attention to the fullness of that person within that context. This introduction to the Spiritual Care Series (SCS) will help you understand the need for older people to discuss and understand their own spiritual care needs.

Ray Saucy, serves as the Vice President of Spiritual Care and Special Projects, Baptist Housing Ministries

Workshop Length: 1.5 hours

Workshop #7


Mental Health and the Church

God not only cares about our spiritual and physical health, he cares about our emotional health. This workshop is designed to share how the church family at Calvary started and continues the conversation about mental health and supports each other within our faith community. Resources, stories, and teaching will be provided to enable your church to help those who struggle with mental health issues feel accepted and to equip others to journey with them.

Michelle Felice, Calvary Baptist Church

Workshop Length: 1.5 hours

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