Church Planting

The BCBC Church Planting Team consists of members of the BCBC Board, as well as others selected by the Planting Team and approved by the Board.

Our Vision

BCBC is committed to be a part of the church planting movement of Canada. Our prayer and heart’s desire is that every person in BC will hear the gospel and be invited to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Our conviction is that the local church is God’s main method of making disciples and the planting of new congregations is the best way to reach people with the gospel. In co-operation with other denominations and mission agencies BCBC is aggressively seeking to identify, equip and call new church planters.

Currently our focus is on planting new churches in the southern regions of BC. Our goal is to plant 3 new congregations per year. Our main strategy is to ask the Lord of the harvest to call new Planters. We give Him praise for answering those prayers.


Why Invest in British Columbia Baptist Conference Church Planting


According to the National Household Survey, B.C. has the lowest percentage of Christians of any province or territory in Canada with total number of professing Christians actually dropping the past 10 years by over 4%, and the number of people who say they have no faith at all has risen more than 41% in Metro Vancouver - a number that is by far the highest of any major city in Canada or North America.

The need to share the Gospel and plant churches in B.C. communities is great. Christ commissioned us to spread his message of salvation, love and hope to all people groups. One of the most effective ways to do this has proven to be to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit through newly planted churches so that people may put their faith in him, accepting him as their Lord and Saviour, thus serving him in the church.

The secular nature of our province makes it important that people are educated to not hide or privatize their faith. Christians can share their message of hope and salvation without being arrogant or bigoted; indeed they must. The true Christian Gospel is shared in love as it seeks to serve the needs of the people around. This message is and always will be relevant and transformational to communities.

By working together to plant churches to communities you are in fact helping us meet the needs of the people, which are, social, spiritual and material. The Church through history has been involved in communities living out a mission that helps the poor, the lonely, the hurting, the lost and those in search of meaning and hope in life.

Our goal in British Columbia is to provide funding for church plants so that we can plant three churches per year. Every community needs a church that will be relevant and transformational. Churches are planted based on vision, prayer, recruitment, training and partnership with existing churches.

How You Can Help Plant a BCBC Church

Adopt a BCBC Church Planter

Each church planter needs start up funds for the first year. These funds help in setting up the church. We envision each church planter having 10 sponsors who give $200 a month. You can also team up with friends or family to raise the $200 to sponsor a church.

Become a BCBC Church Planting Ambassador

A church planting ambassador is a spokesperson for the church planting initiative.

Sponsorship Options

  • Church Planter $200 / mth
  • Help provide training and education for current and future Church Planters.
  • One Time Gift.
  • Relief fund to help new immigrants / refugees.