Mission Investment Fund

The purpose of Mission Investment Fund is to assist new and growing churches to aggressively carry out the Great Commission in British Columbia.

The spirit of the Mission Investment Fund is to have many people financially involved and praying for dynamic church ministries.

The Mission Investment Fund borrows money from our B.C. church members and friends. Notes are issued in multiples of $100. Investments pay interest annually. On larger investments, interest may be paid semi-annually if requested.

Investments are for a five year term. The interest rate is reviewed annually as of April 1 and investments are renewed for another five year term upon notification.

The Mission Investment Fund uses 93% of the invested funds for buying land for future church sites, making loans to churches for building construction and other capital projects. The remaining 7% of invested funds is held as a reserve fund to cover emergency redemption of notes.

You will receive your certificate or the needed information promptly. Your response to the great need for assisting new and growing churches will be much appreciated.

For further information contact the BCBC Office.

To download the MIF brochure (to invest funds) click on the pdf link below:

MIF Brochure Feb 2023

To download the MIF handbook (to borrow funds) click on the pdf link below:

MIF Handbook

Financial Management

A resource to the BCBC Executive and Board.

Provide financial management and accounting support for church plants.

Available to churches to provide advice for capital programs and other financial matters.

Annually verify charitable status of all BCBC entities.

Training & Information

Keep treasurers informed regarding best practices and legislation.

Inform and encourage treasurers and finance committees to access outside resources and seminars.

Conduct periodic in-house training seminars for treasurers and financial committees.

Stewardship & Investments

Provide resources for stewardship and fund raising for churches including the Mission Investment Fund, estate planning, and the Stewardship Foundation.

Management the Mission Investment Fund (MIF) and Church Planting portfolios to:

  • Raise awareness within BCBC churches to MIF fixed income investment opportunities.
  • Provide start up funding and monthly support for church plants and revitalization projects.
  • Provide affordable loans to churches for building and land, renovations, special projects, and unexpected shortfalls.
  • Ensure MIF and Church Planting portfolio security, continuity, and effective yield.