Church Revitalization


To revitalize is to give new life or vitality. Church revitalization is therefore the giving of new life and vitality to the church.

Only God can give new life to the church through the Holy Spirit. Every church that seeks to revitalize must be connected to the giver of life. As God’s servants we are also called to be wise and informed on how we structure the church for growth. If you are sensing that either you or your church is tired, give us a call so we can work together. We do not want you to be labouring alone. As a movement we would love to come alongside you in the process of church revitalization and growth.

Here is what we will seek to accomplish together:

  1. Connect

We will do this by establishing a relationship with you, your leadership teams and the congregation. All this will be in support of your ministry and we will honor the journey we will be on together.

  1. Discover reality

We will seek to work with you and your church in assessing the health of the church.

  1. Addressing Needs

Upon identifying the state of your church we will again seek to work together through prayer and ministry of the Word, to address the needs that will be evident in the congregation.

  1. Discerning direction

We will discern the direction as we plan and strategize together with you and your leadership team. Through all this you will be coached in the area of leadership and church structure in order to address the church needs.

Next Step

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