CHAD Resources

1. Programs & Materials

Our BCBC office stocks a few programs that can be loaned out to our churches and we endeavor to keep track of programs within our various churches that can on occasion be loaned out. For more information please contact the BCBC office.

2. Conferences & Training Events

BCBC encourages upgrading and enrichment by: (a) By hosting various training events (see Church Ministries for more info), and (b) By providing bursaries for approved events put on by other groups and agencies.

3. Bursaries

Apply in advance for bursaries (see information page). A sample of bursaries that we have approved in the past are listed below:

  • 20/20 Leadership Summit
  • Alpha Training Conference
  • Break Forth Canada
  • Equip To Serve (Discipleship International): click for more information
  • History Makers
  • Natural Church Development Training
  • Perspectives On the World Christian Movement (Outreach Canada)
  • REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey
  • The Global Leadership Summit (Willow Creek Association)
  • Unite in Worship

Note: If there is a Conference or training event that you are considering, feel free to let us know about it and we will evaluate it and let you know if a bursary can be given. E-mail the BCBC office with the following information:

  • Event Name and Hosting Organization with web link
  • Dates and Location
  • Cost
  • Summary of event content or purpose
  • A short statement describing why you think that this would be a good event for BCBC to support.

4. Applying for a Bursary: Click Here!